i JACKFIT - Results

John H. Watson, III

Prior to moving to New York City in 2006, I played four seasons of college football. Rigorous exercise was very much a part of my life and I never gave much thought to managing my lifestyle regarding fitness and more broadly health. After moving to NYC and taking a job in finance, my life became dramatically more sedentary. Along with the excitement and energy of life in the big apple came, the long work days, big meals and booze filled evenings; inevitably so too did the pounds. Years later, I found myself looking to get back on track without the bore of daily weightlifting or monotony of repetitive cardio sessions. JackFit was that solution. Jackie Wilson’s unique blend of cardio training and strength training keeps me engaged and looking forward to working out. Each session feels much different than the last, with a wide variety of exercises to keep his clients on their toes. The pleasure of working with Jackie wouldn’t be as great without the tangible results. In 5 months of training with JackFit, I have lost over 30 pounds and feel 60 times better! I can not say enough how much of a positive this has been in my life and look forward to continued result with the best trainer I have come to know in New York City.

Tiyana Works

Jackie's training style, for me, is the perfect blend of cheerleader and coach. He encourages discipline by not letting me be mediocre - by not letting me break too long, by not letting me whine too much. And when I do break too long and whine too much he's there cheering me on with a "you can do it!" and "it's not too hard!" My favorite part of our sessions, especially the tough ones, is always the end...not because it's over but because no matter what there's always a smile, a high five, a pat on the back and a "good job" waiting. There's never been a session I've breezed through, but with Jackie as my coach and my cheerleader I become more motivated, more disciplined, and more fit as the weeks progress. As I like to say, you don't know jack 'til you know JackFit!

Sharif Mitchell

Jay-Z said it best, “Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t,” and that’s exactly how I can break down my training with JackFit. Since I began training with JackFit in January 2013, I’ve cut 5 inches off of my waistline and have lost 6% body fat. It’s been a tough journey filled with moments of self-doubt, fatigue and frustration, yet with all that said, the pain has never felt so good. Since working with JackFit my friends and family are commenting on my very noticeable results and I honestly feel that I’ve added 10 years to my life expectancy. Each week of workouts brings me closer to my end goal. And every time I surpass a self-imposed limitation, Jackie is right there to move the goal line and keep me reaching for higher goals. Each day I have more energy, am in better spirits and feel even stronger than the day before. JackFit is changing my life, and I encourage anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level to get involved!

Danielle Davis, Esq.

My work schedule is unpredictable and unforgiving. Jackfit provides an intense and challenging workout in a short period of time.

Having been a college athlete, group classes and the elliptical are a total snooze. JackFit is energizing, intense and always new. I leave every session dripping sweat and seeing results.

JackFit is more than just personal training, it's a positive and energized approach to overall fitness. Jackie pushes me out of my comfort zone in every workout, while always making me feel like a champion.

Jamaal Brown

Prior to joining JackFit, I had always thought that I was in decent shape because I ran a few times per week. However, once I started working out with Jackie, I realized that I had been tricking myself. The short, varied, intense workouts are much more challenging than I would have guessed. In just six months of working with JackFit, I've seen better, more sustained results than I have in the past five years!