Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   I'm not in great shape right now, I'm not sure I can handle JackFit workouts.

Ans.   Don’t be scared. Your workout is customized for your fitness level and capacity. Do your best and if you need to take a break, take one.

Q.   I have prior injuries or medical issues. What if I can't do something?

Ans.   JackFit takes your health and welfare very seriously. Everyone works at their own fitness level. Exercises are individually modified to work around any issues you may have. Please let us know at all times if there is anything you can't do and JackFit will tailor the exercise to fit your needs.

Q.   I’m not sure if JackFit Virtual Workouts are right for me. Is there a way to try out the program?

Ans.   Yes! We offer a 7 day free trial. You can try a few virtual workouts and get familiar with the JackFit style of getting in shape! Sign up today for the free trial, you have nothing to lose!

Q.   I know a trainer can help me look better, but how can this improve my health?

Ans.   Looking better is just the beginning! Scientific fitness training will also...
• Significantly decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease and premature death
• Improve your blood pressure
• Lower "bad" (LDL) cholesterol while increasing "good" (HDL) cholesterol
• Improve your posture, balance, and the health of your spine
• Decrease blood triglycerides
• Increase your flexibility
• Reduce your risk for (and symptoms of) arthritis
• Improve your cardiovascular ability
• Reduce your risk for developing cancer
• Reduce your risk of developing metabolic disease such as Type II diabetes
• Reduce risk of joint, bone, or muscular injury
• Improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity
• Retain active daily living as you grow old
• Reduce your risk of osteoporosis and bone disease
• Improve your long and short-term memory
• Reduce depression and anxiety; improve self-esteem

Q.   What can JackFit do besides give me that extra push?

Ans.   Motivation is just the beginning! More than being your private motivater, JackFit provides a detailed exercise regimen geared towards avoiding "plateaus" and providing consistent results!

Q.   How can home training help me if I don't have a home gym?

Ans.   With JackFit's simple yet effective virtual program, you don't need a home gym or gym membership! JackFit will specifically design your training sessions around your access to fitness equipment.

Q.   What makes JackFit different from other trainers and training programs?

Ans.   While other fitness groups have little or no educational requirements for their trainers, we accept trainers with only the highest level of education. Our staff are experienced and insured professionals that have passed our internal screening process and continuously pursue higher education. We do not accept "club trainers” as you'd find in most major fitness centers.

Q.   How will we gauge my progress?

Ans.   Your personal trainer is commited to your progress! He or she will periodically assess your body fat, flexibility, risk for cardiovascular disease, posture, strength, resting & exercise heart rates, and aerobic capacity through a series of tests. He or she will also be glad to assess any other factors that might be of interest to you (ie. waist and hip measurements or grip strength).

Q.   How can I burn fat in specific areas of my body?

Ans.   The truth is that spot reduction, the concept of burning more fat in a particular "target area" of the body, does not exist. Your body determines where fat is stored and where it is subsequently reduced through caloric expenditure. This shouldn't discourage you! JackFit will develop a plan to develop muscle tone, improve unsightly areas, and to bring your body fat percentage to a healthy level. Together, you will significantly improve your health and your body!

Q.  How many times per week should I work out?

Ans.   The health industry's recommendations are different for people of different health histories and fitness levels. General frequency ideals for those of a moderate fitness level are as follows:
• Cardiovascular training: At least four days per week
• Musculoskeletal training: At least two days per week
• Flexibility training: At least five days per week

Q.   How much are the programs?

Ans.   Virtural Workout Program:
$14.99 per month with a 12 month commitment
$24.99 per month for month-to-month memberships

Q.  I don't have any cardio equipment at home, so how JackFit train my cardiovascular system?

Ans.   Treadmills and elliptical machines are excellent tools for cardiovascular training but they are far from the only means! Cardiovascular training is effectively achieved through repetitive movements of large muscles. JackFit's programs will provide cardiovascular workouts, often using your bodyweight and compound movements.

Q.   What equipment do I need for the virtual workout plan?

Ans.   A mat and you! If you have access to fitness equipment, JackFit will also integrate it in your program.!

Q.   Do I need a lot of space?

Ans.   No, a space approximately 6 foot by 6 foot on a floor is all you need.

Q.   How do I get started?

Ans.   For personal training, simply contact us to schedule your first session. For virtual training, click the get started link.

Q.   How does JackFit develop the workout plans?

Ans.   JackFit will use the information that you provide in your questionnaire, combined with his years of experence providing top notch training services to develop individualized workout plans.

Q.   How will I get my next workout?

Ans.   After completing a workout, you will be asked to verify completion and indicate the length of time it took you to complete the workout. After indicating your workout completion, you will receive your new workout.